Which Designer Art Pieces Are Available For Sale In Miami?

on Nov 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

Designer art in Miami is for sale to the public every day, and the city is quite a popular location for celebrities who are on their annual holiday. This article explains how designer art is sold in Miami, who buys it and what is purchased. There are lovely options in the city, and art collectors spring up here and there for new art pieces that tickle their fancy.

#1: Basel Art Show

Basel is a massive art show in Miami that brings out every celebrity in the world. It is a party with art displays that will draw the eyes of every visitor, and there are quite a few celebrities who visit the show annually. They prefer to take in the spotlight, the festival and the art. The art is sold to them as they browse, and each art piece becomes an investment that may be used in the future for cash.

#2: Who Attends The Festival?

Celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Alicia Keys and Karlie Kloss have been seen at the festival, but these are only the beginning of a long guest list. Anyone who wishes to spot a celebrity may attend any day of the festival hoping to see someone famous, and they may run across film crews who are taping parts of the festival. Movies and TV shows have made their way to the festival, and celebrities flock to filming locations.

#3: What Types Of Art Are Available?

Artists of several different genre are available for showings during the festival, and are offered their own display areas. It is quite simple to find artists who wish to display their work, and they are given a broad audience for their work. Everyone who comes to the festival is free to purchase art, but it is the celebrities who are using their influence to make known every new artist from the festival. Stars such as Gabrielle Union, Mark Anthony Green and George Lindemann stream into the festival every year, and they leave with art that is attractive, exciting and a fine investment.

The Basel art festival brings everyone to Miami for an art extravaganza, and the art that is produced in the city becomes the next piece that everyone wants to have. Celebrities are spotted by the visitors to the festival every year, and they are a part of the flavor that makes Basel such a massive event for the Miami art community.