Visiting the Cayman Islands

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The Cayman Islands are a great place to visit for a getaway in the Western Caribbean Sea. The Cayman Islands are composed of three islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The area is known for the clear blue waters, active marine life, beautiful hiking, ominous caves, and pristine beaches. Some of the best tourist attractions will be highlighted in this article. Seven Mile Beach is arguably the most famous stretch of beach in the Caribbean. It is a peaceful array of beautiful sandy beach scattered with luxury hotels and resorts. The beach is completely public and has miles of coconut palms. Along the Seven Mile Beach is the famous port city George Town. In George Town are attractive shopping districts and distinct harbors. You will find scuba diving, Kimpton Seafire Spa Residences, charter boat tours, rum distillery tours, art galleries, a historical museum, and even a Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville. In the northwest corner of Grand Cayman is the popular Stingray City. An array of shallow sandbars is found here with the access to shallow snorkel dives where guests are able to swim with the local stingray. Historically, Stingray City was a popular fisherman gathering stingrays would gather to eat the leftovers of the daily catch. Now, tourists gather here at the chance to feed stingrays by hand. If you don’t feel like getting wet, there are opportunities to board a submarine with the famous Atlantis Submarine Company. Tourists ride a ferry out to the submarines and once everyone is locked in, the submarine brings guests to depths of 30 meters for oceanic views of the reef, tropical fish, underwater caves, and shipwrecks. Close to 12 million people have boarded these famous submarines. On the eastern side of The Cayman Islands lies the beautiful Mastic Reserve. The Mastic Reserve and Trail is known for being an Important Bird Area and supports a variety of exotic bird populations. White-crowned pigeons, Cuban amazons, Caribbean elaenias, Thick-billed vireos, Yucatan vireos and Vitelline warblers are some of the species of birds that can be found on this trail. Next time you are thinking of a vacation, look to the Cayman Islands. The amazing opportunities of diving, snorkeling, hiking, and enjoying Caribbean cuisine are endless. The elusive wild life and the eye-catching reefs will no doubt be enough for you to enjoy. If you’re ready for a drink, don’t forget about the charming bar...

Benefits of being a NYC real estate developer

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New York City is an exciting place. For decades, people have turned here to be part of a thriving scene in the arts, finance and communications. In response to this need, the city has also become a hub for real estate development professionals. Real estate development in this part of the country can be highly lucrative. Those who work in real estate development in this field know that there are many benefits to being a real estate developer in this area. Developing real estate projects in this part of the country is one way to earn a great living and make a mark in one of the world’s most dynamic cities as the same time. Real estate developers in New York City like Alloy Development, Joe Sitt, LeFrak, Tisman Speyer and many others know that New York City is just teeming with opportunity. A Vibrant Economic Scene Those who develop real estate here have the chance to be part of a scene that is always changing and always growing. They know that this is one part of the country where it is possible to find new opportunities all the time. The right kind of real estate development is one that allows the real estate development to develop a vision they have in their heads and then bring it to life. The New York City skyline is one that has captured the imagination over the years. The real estate developer can have a direct impact on this place that will be remembered for years to come. Many real estate developers have been part of coterie that includes celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga that have visited such developments and help make them their own. Very Lucrative Being part of the world of real estate development in New York City, above all, can be highly lucrative. Many people want to live in New York City. They want to live in a place that has much to offer right at their door. The developer who can provide this help is likely to see their own fortune grow as they continue to develop many kinds of buildings in the region. The right project can help anyone earn a large fortune. In many cases, the developer can also put their name on the development for all to see. In this way, they can earn money and have an important monument as...

Which Designer Art Pieces Are Available For Sale In Miami?

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Stars such as Gabrielle Union, Mark Anthony Green and George Lindemann stream into the festival every year, and they leave with art that is attractive, exciting and a fine investment.

Impact of Real Estate Development in New York City Neighborhoods

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Joe Sitt and other new developers with fresh ideas seem to appear in the Real Estate market every day. Someone always has a new idea to propose with projects and plans to enhance old neighborhoods and bring them current with peoples housing, work and social needs. There are many companies bidding for attention. It all depends on what you are looking for and at what price for conveniences and a good work-life balance. Prospective developers and investors can find some noteworthy information in a couple of sources. The Furman Center Studies and Statistics Information discussing and presenting the recent findings in population by areas and income and housing statistics help developers choose areas to focus on. The NYU Furman center published their report in 2015 and if you want more details you can read it yourself on their webpage. They centered on land use, housing, quality of life issues and demographics of each of the city’s 59 boroughs and communities. Notable is that NYC and its metropolitan areas are more densely populated than other large cities. NYCEDC As the city’s main proponent for economic development and quality of life, there are new developments and opportunities to improve our neighborhoods by developing, managing, investing and advising to make the city stronger. Here are a few of the current projects that are in development with some ideas to positively impact NYC neighborhoods. Thorogood Real Estate a solidly built team offers development, consulting and investing advice and opportunities. Developing affordable and mixed-income housing in a variety of diverse areas focusing on Cost Efficiency, Green Buildings with unique designs and they are not afraid to take on projects that others may deem difficult or challenging. Urban Development Partners Keeping their experience and vision in mind this premier group has created some outstanding mixed use properties to appeal to a range of buyers and renters alike. Their projects include: 50 North 5th, Brooklyn NY 229 apartments and ground level retail, parking, fitness amenities and a rooftop terrace and beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline. 309 5th Avenue, NYC 165 apartments in a 35 story rental building with amenities and 10,000 sf of retail space leased to BNB Hana Bank for 20 years. The One, 110 First Street, Jersey City, NJ 451 apartments, fitness and family amenities, games rooms, retail and parking. For Landlords, These Neighborhoods Are the Best Investment Brownsville, Brooklyn is high on the list for the best return on your investment for rental property followed by St. George, Ridgewood and Morningside Heights. These opinions and more specific details can be found at Curbed New York. Developments such as these bring advantages together for residents and provide neighborhood conveniences and business opportunities, jobs and improve the economy for everyone. New developments and well known properties have attracted the attention of celebrities such as Seth Rogen who was recently looking for a new place, and Geraldo Rivera and Uma Thurman are currently listing their properties. Many entertainment and business industry figures live and work in New York City and invite and encourage their friends and colleagues to do the same. The opportunities for growth, expansion and mixed use and mixed income appealing properties is a hot market with residents moving in and out of the city neighborhoods to downsize or increase their living areas. There is much to be explored and many neighborhoods to enjoy in your search for the best new developments in the city. Investment opportunities are lucrative for rental and purchase. It is right outside your...

Finding Office Space in the New York City Skyline

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It is the dream of many to one day find a job in New York City. The most cosmopolitan city on Earth, the saying is that if you can make it in the big apple you can make it anywhere. Unfortunately, findings ESRT premier office space is both tough and expensive. Everyone wants a job with a view, so finding room to work in New York City skyscrapers is rare.

NYC Buildings and the Skyscrapers behind Them

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This Empire State Realty Trust skyscraper is by far the most famous in NYC and is an icon used everywhere from greeting cards to wallpapers. Its construction in 1931 made it the tallest in the world, a title it held until the 1970s.

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