How Urban Real Estate Development Is Helping NYC Neighborhoods

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Famous for its tall buildings, real estate moguls like Vladislav Doronin, Soori High Line, Veronica Mainetti, Joe Sitt, and Amit Khurana, are a few of the movers in New York real estate.

The Real Estate Trends In San Diego

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Due to interest rates remaining low combined with an economy that is still growing, the housing market in San Diego is in an excellent position. Despite the unexpected drop in housing prices the previous October, prices are once again on the rise. Economists have forecasted more growth in the upcoming year in both new construction and home sales. San Diego has not only kept pace but in some cases has outpaced the national trends. has stated the median home price of the nation is at $230.000. This is eight per cent higher than it was in February of 2015. By the end of 2015 the average price in San Diego was $475,000. This figure showed an increase of eight per cent over the year before. Where this may not be the best of news for the buyers it is exceptional news for the sellers. According to Real Estate expert Than Merrill, who owns and operates Fortunebuilders, a real estate education company specializing in investing, “San Diego real estate investors and homeowners saw one-year equity gains of $52,565 while the national average saw gains of $15,781.” also conducted a survey that showed San Diego residents need to earn $103,165 yearly to be able to afford to buy and maintain a home. This figure includes taxes, principal, insurance payments and interest on the home. Nationally the average is a little over $51,000. This puts San Diego in the second to last in affordability just below San Francisco. That being said, San Diego has been listed as being among the ten hottest markets in the nation. Residential construction is once again on the rise in San Diego. A research company called Metrostudy has forecast an increase of 14.6 per cent in housing sales this year. Metrostudy specializes in data, consulting, analytics and research regarding the housing industry. Dodge Data & Analytics shows a 41 per cent increase in the construction of residential projects beginning in January 2016. Residential construction has accounted for more than $143.9 million of the total of $270.7 million in construction projects. Residential construction intended for multifamily occupation was well ahead of the construction for single families. The comparison showed 3,200 residences started for single families compared to 6,100 for multifamily. Both types of residences are expected to continue building. The prices of homes in San Diego are expected to continue to rise but at a slower pace. This is due to a tighter supply in available...

Benefits of being a NYC real estate developer

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New York City is an exciting place. For decades, people have turned here to be part of a thriving scene in the arts, finance and communications. In response to this need, the city has also become a hub for real estate development professionals. Real estate development in this part of the country can be highly lucrative. Those who work in real estate development in this field know that there are many benefits to being a real estate developer in this area. Developing real estate projects in this part of the country is one way to earn a great living and make a mark in one of the world’s most dynamic cities as the same time. Real estate developers in New York City like Alloy Development, Joe Sitt, LeFrak, Tisman Speyer and many others know that New York City is just teeming with opportunity. A Vibrant Economic Scene Those who develop real estate here have the chance to be part of a scene that is always changing and always growing. They know that this is one part of the country where it is possible to find new opportunities all the time. The right kind of real estate development is one that allows the real estate development to develop a vision they have in their heads and then bring it to life. The New York City skyline is one that has captured the imagination over the years. The real estate developer can have a direct impact on this place that will be remembered for years to come. Many real estate developers have been part of coterie that includes celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga that have visited such developments and help make them their own. Very Lucrative Being part of the world of real estate development in New York City, above all, can be highly lucrative. Many people want to live in New York City. They want to live in a place that has much to offer right at their door. The developer who can provide this help is likely to see their own fortune grow as they continue to develop many kinds of buildings in the region. The right project can help anyone earn a large fortune. In many cases, the developer can also put their name on the development for all to see. In this way, they can earn money and have an important monument as...

Real Estate Companies in New York City

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An even more indelible symbol of New York City than its pizza or the Yankees is Joe Sitts architecture and real estate. The New York City skyline has perhaps graced more movie, postcards and other forms of media than any other city’s skyline in the world. Here, we look at some of the top real estate companies that make New York what it is. Foster & Partners is headed by 80-year-old founder Norman Foster. Throughout his five-decade career, Norman has strived to create unique buildings around the world and he is a Pritzker-Prize winning architect. Some of the firm’s notable works in New York include the Hearst Tower and the Bowery’s Sperone Westwater Gallery. The company has now ventured into residential real estate with projects like the Zeckendorf’s 50 United Nations Plaza. A graduate of The Princeton School of Architecture, Matthew Bannister has helped make DBOX a standout in film as well as in architecture. The company, founded in 1996, created an Emmy-winning film presentation of an imagined One World Trade Center. DBOX was founded with the desire to bring emerging technology to the visual aspect of architecture. A particularly stunning creation of DBox is the video for the 388 Bridge- Penthouse! Sometimes two head are better than one, and that is certainly the case for the New York- based firm of Sumaida & Khurana headed by Saif Sumaida and Amit Khurana. This company celebrates the fresh enthusiasm of only being 3 years old with a commitment to inaugural NYC projects for some of the world’s best architects and modern philosophies. “The essence of New York is based in cultural diversity and collaboration.” Khurana said in an interview with the New York Post, “There is something quite special about bringing master architects known for the purity and refinement of their design.” New York City architecture and real estate have so much to offer and with it being the media center that it is, celebrities can always be seen enjoying it. Some recent sightings include… Jennifer Nettles and Idina Menzel at Carnegie Hall on December 14, 2016 Sting and Trudie Styler at JW Marriott Essex House on December 14, 2016 Joan Jett performed at the Marriott Marquis Time Square on December 13, 2016 Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller at Merograph in Manhatten on December 13,...

Westfield Corporation’s Newest Mall Brings New Life to World Trade Center

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The Westfield Corporation is a shopping center & real estate group specializing in the design, creation, promotion, ownership, administration, leasing and marketing of shopping centers worldwide. The Lowy family owns and administers this corporation, which employs global staff numbering approximately 2,000. It is run by two brothers: Steven and Peter Lowy. Westfield Corporation owns assets in 34 shopping centers in the United States and the United Kingdom. This includes roughly 6,400 retail outlets. Westfield manages assets exceeding $28 billion. The corporation is investing in the future of Westfield shopping centers by attempting to stay up-to-date and incorporate technology into the shopping centers instead of fighting to compete with a wave of e-commerce. One such example of the Lowy family’s forward thinking and leadership is the new “Westfield Cloud” which will be an innovative step towards a shopping experience which will be more personalized and includes various types of data to enrich the individual shopper’s encounter within Westfield shopping centers. The company has spent thousands to change the way people think about shopping and how they interact in retail stores. An excellent example of Westfield Corporation’s forward thinking appears in the newly opened Westfield World Trade Center mall. After fifteen years, the mall is back and better than ever. The focus of the mall has changed since the September 11 tragedy. The new mall at the World Trade Center has approximately 365,000 square feet of retail space. This makes it the largest shopping mall in Manhattan and Westfield wants to create a cultural and entertainment destination. Retailers are eager to be a part of this new beginning for the site of the 2001 devastation. Great attention to design and detail are immediately evident at the Westfield World Trade Center. Care and creativity created a much more upscale and diverse collection of retail shops as well as a well-appointed food court and other food and beverage offerings. Westfield Corporation is anticipating mall traffic to be heavy, as the mall’s hours have expanded beyond those created around typical commuter traffic. Lowy family representatives state that the roughly one hundred retail venues are an eclectic mix of everything a shopper could be looking for at any given moment. Embracing the relationship between e-commerce and brick and mortar retail locations is a large part of what Westfield Corporation believes will set this mall apart from others. Among the innovations, retailers offer a mobile app that allows shoppers to check inventory and request sizes for a swifter shopping experience. The creative use of technology paired with innovative details makes the Westfield World Trade Center a first class shopping venue and an emerging beacon of hope and new...

The Buena Vista Miami Florida Experience

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Buena Vista is a historic district of Miami Florida that has tourist flocking to the section of the city, because of its luxurious atmosphere. The Buena Vista area has an appeal that is attracting visitors from across the world. People especially enjoy the fact that this area of Miami is pretty close to the beach and all of the accessories that tourist enjoy are right within walking distance from their lodging. Buena Vista is strongly known for its historical relevance to the Miami, Florida area. In this area of Miami the old meets the modern and new, both blend together nicely. The area is known for having cozy neighborhoods that bring back a traditional Miami feeling filled with warm and pastel colors. Buildings often stand out and are painted with bright and neutral colors that blend together letting people know that they are truly visiting the heart of Miami culture. The Buena Vista area boasts a full line of shopping boutiques that speak the voice of a friendly relaxed location. People have been known to come to visit Miami and they often spend their whole day walking around the Buena Vista neighborhood shopping and enjoying everything that is within walking distance. Other people simply just enjoy the area and they do not venture out to discover other sections of Miami. The shopping environment reflects the luxurious sophistication that it has to offer. High end design shops are typically up close and personal charms within the Buena Vista community. Most visitors that spend their days shopping often enjoy the fact that the Buena Vista neighborhood has places that they can go to so that they can relax after enjoying a nice day of casual shopping. In fact celebrities have the reputation of going to Buena Vista to enjoy a night out on the town. Some celebrities visiting the area are particularly interested in art. Eva Mendes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Craig Robins are a few of the celebrities that have been spotted purchasing art and enjoying the art galleries in and around Buena Vista. Buena Vista has over 150 art galleries in the immediate area. The night life and entertainment scene isn’t bad at all. There are plenty of night clubs and dance halls in the area that attract visitors from across the world. Fine dining at night is also a must when visitors come to Buena Vista. The dining experience helps tourist become closer to the area and culture that the Buena Vista section of Miami has to...

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