World-Class Dining and Fun in the Cayman Islands

on Jun 8, 2017 in Entertainment

Grand Cayman certainly does not lack options when it comes to amazing dining choices, either. Located in the district of East End, Tukka is a unique restaurant which offers a menu of amazing Australian dishes accented with a dash of Caribbean style, as well as a mouth-watering assortment of daily specials. While dining at Tukka, guests may even catch a glimpse of recognizable faces, such as Ken Dart, and Taylor Swift, who was spotted there in early 2015.

Well known art collectors in Miami

on May 19, 2017 in Entertainment

Miami is considered to be one of the leading cities in the United States in terms of art. There are over 700 galleries in the greater Miami area which are clustered in different in areas within the city including the downtown area with the Design District, Little Havana and Little Haiti communities, and the Wynwood area. The Wynwood art area is home to approximately 30 galleries. Many of the major collectors are owners of galleries in Wynwood and the Design District of Miami. Art Collectors located in the Design District. Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz are prominent art collectors who display portions of their personal collection in the de la Cruz Contemporary Art Space in the Design District. Both were born in Cuba, and lived in New York, Philadelphia and Madrid before settling in Miami. Their goal is to make Miami one of the intellectual art capitals of the world. Daniel Maman is an Argentinian art collector who moved to the United States and opened his gallery in the Design District of Miami in 2013. His collection includes examples of contemporary and modern art, geometric art and concrete art. A one of the current exhibits features polychrome ceramics by Nicolas Leiva, an Argentinian artist. Art Collectors located in the Wynwood area of Miami. Gary Nader has been a prominent art collector for over 30 years, and is the owner of the Gary Nader Art Center in Wynwood, a formidable free-standing gallery and one of the largest private galleries in the world, dedicated to contemporary and modern art. The collection is presented in three units, the Gary Nader Private Collection, an exhibition gallery and a sculpture park. Mr. Nader began his career in the Dominican Republic as director of the Nader Gallery in Santo Domingo. William Braemer is the Director of the Art Fusion Galleries in Wynwood which hosts four shows a year featuring the works of emerging and mid-career artists from the international scene. His personal story is a fascinating one. Steven Steele has been collecting art since the 1980’s and is associated with the AC Fine Arts gallery, in Wynwood., which specializes in vintage posters and antique art, as well as contemporary and pop art. Included in their collection are posters by Andy Warhol, and works by Roy Lichtenstein, Damien Hurst, Salvador Dali and many others. Martin Z. Margulies is a very well-known philanthropist and art collector who displays his collection at The Warehouse, a 45,000 square foot space in the Wynwood Arts District. His collection includes both vintage and contemporary photographs and videos, as well as sculptures and other works by prominent artists such as Willem de Kooning, George Lindemann, Antony Gormley and others. Many other collectors display their art collections at galleries in Wynwood and throughout Miami. If you are seriously interest in a wide variety of art, Miami is the place to...

Luxury Fashion Finds It’s Home in Miami Design District

on Mar 14, 2016 in Entertainment, Shopping

I love visiting Miami. Miami is an amazing place. I live in a northern climate that is really cold and wet. So I often choose to go south at least once a winter. Miami is one of my favorite destinations because it has it all. The beaches are great. The shopping is fabulous and the whole area just makes me happy. One of my favorite things to do is shop the kinds of high end fashion stores you find here. I love walking along the streets of the Miami design district and walking into all the new stores there including the many boutiques in Miami. The Old District I’ve been coming to Miami for over two decades. When I was in my teens, my mom would bring us all here for a week or so every now and then for some fun in the sun. When I was a kid, I remember the entire area. Since that time, I’ve come here myself as an adult with my own kids. In the last few years, I’ve seen the region change. The old stores are gone. In their place are wonderful new stores that are much more upscale. The new district is now a much more interesting place to shop. Easy Parking I visited the design district just a few days ago. I was so pleased the last time I went there. The parking is ample, making it very easy to just get in your car and go. I went into a lot of stores just to browse and see some amazing things in person. I also went there to see if I could find a present for my eldest daughter. She’s about to graduate from college with high honors and I wanted to give her something special and wonderful that she would remember the rest of her life. Upscale Luxury Shops I went looking in many shops here for a few hours. I found lots of choices at Cartier, Bulgari and Harry Winston. In the end, I decided on a piece from Tiffany’s. My daughter loves delicate, elegant jewelry with lots of detail. The piece I choose was just right for her. Seeing things in person is such a great way to shop. I was pleased that I had the chance to slip away for a few hours and find dozens of choices right here in this wonderful luxury shopping...

New High Fashion Boutiques Are Calling Miami Home

on Feb 22, 2016 in Entertainment, Shopping

So, when you consider it and for anyone who is looking for a new, high end fashion boutique, they need to check out Miami. In the heart of the Miami Design District, which is just a stone’s throw from Miami Beach, there are plenty of new fashion and luxury hot spots popping up.

The Hot Design District in Miami

on Apr 18, 2014 in Entertainment

The Miami Design District is the new up and coming place to be to catch up on local events, wonderful shopping and beautiful architecture, unlike anywhere else. Jump started by real estate developer Craig Robins, the Miami neighborhood has transformed and become one of the city’s hottest cultural areas.