Luxury Fashion Finds It’s Home in Miami Design District

on Mar 14, 2016 in Entertainment, Shopping

I love visiting Miami. Miami is an amazing place. I live in a northern climate that is really cold and wet. So I often choose to go south at least once a winter. Miami is one of my favorite destinations because it has it all. The beaches are great. The shopping is fabulous and the whole area just makes me happy. One of my favorite things to do is shop the kinds of high end fashion stores you find here. I love walking along the streets of the Miami design district and walking into all the new stores there including the many boutiques in Miami. The Old District I’ve been coming to Miami for over two decades. When I was in my teens, my mom would bring us all here for a week or so every now and then for some fun in the sun. When I was a kid, I remember the entire area. Since that time, I’ve come here myself as an adult with my own kids. In the last few years, I’ve seen the region change. The old stores are gone. In their place are wonderful new stores that are much more upscale. The new district is now a much more interesting place to shop. Easy Parking I visited the design district just a few days ago. I was so pleased the last time I went there. The parking is ample, making it very easy to just get in your car and go. I went into a lot of stores just to browse and see some amazing things in person. I also went there to see if I could find a present for my eldest daughter. She’s about to graduate from college with high honors and I wanted to give her something special and wonderful that she would remember the rest of her life. Upscale Luxury Shops I went looking in many shops here for a few hours. I found lots of choices at Cartier, Bulgari and Harry Winston. In the end, I decided on a piece from Tiffany’s. My daughter loves delicate, elegant jewelry with lots of detail. The piece I choose was just right for her. Seeing things in person is such a great way to shop. I was pleased that I had the chance to slip away for a few hours and find dozens of choices right here in this wonderful luxury shopping...

Google, travel and intimacy

on Mar 14, 2016 in Shopping, Travel

Should companies involved in the travel-planning process be concerned about the release last week of Destinations on Google, a mobile format designed to help travelers get from the top of the funnel (when they are still deciding where to go and what to do) to the bottom (booking)? The stitching together by Google of travel research, imagery, consumer behavior and inventory (linked to third-party and supplier-direct booking engines) has been a long time coming. Google flight- and hotel-search functions have been up and running for years. It owns Zagat Surveys for restaurant reviews. In addition, Google Earth, Google’s Art Project, which displays 360-degree views of rooms in major art museums; Google Translate, the Google-owned GPS navigation app Waze; and the panoramic displays of Street View could all be seen as travel-related products. But until Destinations, it appeared that Google’s travel-related projects were being released in a linear, rather than integrated, fashion. That has puzzled me. A few years ago, I suggested to a Google executive that his company could use Google Earth to zoom into Athens, Street View to bring the user to a hotel, Art Project to show the rooms in the hotel and then perhaps have an avatar take the booking. “Why don’t you do that?” I asked. “Why don’t you?” he replied. He said Google had already developed the tools, and there was nothing preventing someone from putting together a product similar to the one I described. (Well, nothing but technical know-how and funding.) See more from Travel Weekly’s analysis of Google’s new Destination...

New High Fashion Boutiques Are Calling Miami Home

on Feb 22, 2016 in Entertainment, Shopping

So, when you consider it and for anyone who is looking for a new, high end fashion boutique, they need to check out Miami. In the heart of the Miami Design District, which is just a stone’s throw from Miami Beach, there are plenty of new fashion and luxury hot spots popping up.

Beautiful Buena Vista Miami Florida

on Jan 8, 2016 in Travel

Buena Vista is a spectacular place located in Miami Florida. The neighborhood has a substantial amount of beautiful historic family homes. The town had been the bay location for BayPoint and had attracted high class people. It did not always look like the spectacular Bay front community in the 1800’s. A millionaire named Craig Robins had bought a large amount of property and turned it into what it is today, Miami Design District. He converted the land from a forest of trees into a waterfront to enjoy and hang out. One of the main focal points of this area is the Disney Park location spot. The attraction of the bay and homes is a spectacular place to see. There are many businesses to visit such as restaurants and dining facilities inside and outside seating. The dining establishments offer an array of different foods from all over the globe. People can have a taste of other countries without leaving the town. Dining theatres are a great stop when traveling through this town. The theatre offers a variety of entertainment and great food in one atmosphere. The entertainment can consist of comedy shows, movies, theatre plays, dancing, and medieval sports. The experience in this beautiful neighborhood will make you want to come back for more. The history of the community of Buena Vista is rich will economic power, and has built the lands to what it is today. Included in the area are several nice golf resorts to entertain and relax on the course. Celebrities frequent this lovely small town attraction, and enjoy all it has to offer. Reba McEntire has been seen at Disneyland Park as well as Cameron Diaz and Tor Kelly. It is also not uncommon to go into one of the great tasting dining establishments and see celebrities eating a good meal. Some of the famous people that had been dining out were President Bill Clinton, Urkel, Gloria Estefan, Kanye West, and Jay-Z. The food in this small cozy town attracts celebrities from all over the world. The charm of the people who live here make the visit a repeat performance for visitors and tourists. If you’re wondering where your next destination will be then look no further. Buena Vista has everything from entertainment to a quiet cozy vacation. See celebrities’ along the way while you admire the historical charm. Eat wonderful food, and enjoy the magical world it has to...

USA Today’s New Travel Adventures for 2016

on Jan 8, 2016 in Travel

Why not make 2016 the year you try something completely new? While people are traveling more than ever, there are still unimagined adventures to be had, says Tom Hall, editorial director of Lonely Planet, which this week released its free e-book New in Travel 2016 at “People are looking for brag-worthy experiences — the excitement and the exoticism about travel that gets them on the road in the first place.” He shares some favorite adventures recommended by Lonely Planet correspondents with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY. Sleep in a suspended pod Calca, Peru Hanging out in Peru takes on a whole new meaning when you book a night in a transparent room suspended from the side of a mountain. “I’ve never seen anything quite like this before,” says Hall. “You’re overlooking the Sacred Valley, one of the most popular places to stay in the country.” Trampoline underground Gwynedd, Wales Northern Wales has found a clever use for one of its long-dormant mines, turning a former industrial site into an underground trampoline park. Visitors find rope ladders and slides, and a trail of trampolines stretching nearly a mile. “It’s like a giant game ofChutes and Ladders. When my kids saw it they went absolutely nuts,” Hall says. Eat through hawker stalls Singapore While Singapore’s known as a business center, its dynamic food scene is surprisingly robust. Hall recommends grazing its hawker courts, which feature an array of Asian foods, influenced by Chinese, Thai and Malaysian dishes. “They offer rows upon rows of stalls. It makes a brilliant introduction to the cuisine of the region, and how people spend their time and socialize.” Top recommendations: Chinatown Night Market and Maxwell Food Centre. View the full list...

Top 10 Ice Cream Shops in Los Angeles Area

on Jul 27, 2015 in Food

Our cravings for ice cream started as soon as we recognized the jingle of the ice cream truck that cruised through our neighborhood once temperatures climbed. We know there’s nothing better than savoring something cold and sweet on a hot day, although we’ve also been known to indulge in a bowl of frozen confection when it’s freezing outside. Get the scoop on the 2015 top 10 parlors in Los Angeles, presented in alphabetical order, that dish out the best ice cream, gelato, frozen custard and many more varieties of this summery treat.

Made in Cayman: Fostering the Artistic Community

on Mar 9, 2015 in Travel

Ken Dart ( proudly supports Made in Cayman, a stylized documentary series highlighting local Cayman artists’ stories and promoting their hard work and passion.

New Flavors Come to Aventura Mall

on Feb 27, 2015 in Food

GastroPod, a vision by renowned Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog, opened a pop-up location that’s brimming with a variety of exciting new flavors. Led by Turnberry Associates Co-Chairman and CEO Jackie Soffer, Aventura Mall is constantly looking for ways to introduce unique experiences to its visitors.

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