NYC Buildings and the Skyscrapers behind Them

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This Empire State Realty Trust skyscraper is by far the most famous in NYC and is an icon used everywhere from greeting cards to wallpapers. Its construction in 1931 made it the tallest in the world, a title it held until the 1970s.

The Driving Force behind the Booming Miami Design District

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The MDD is the brainchild of real estate developer Craig Robins. Robins is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dacra, a Miami real estate development firm that has been a driving force behind the development the MD

Westfield Corporation’s Newest Mall Brings New Life to World Trade Center

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The Westfield Corporation is a shopping center & real estate group specializing in the design, creation, promotion, ownership, administration, leasing and marketing of shopping centers worldwide. The Lowy family owns and administers this corporation, which employs global staff numbering approximately 2,000. It is run by two brothers: Steven and Peter Lowy. Westfield Corporation owns assets in 34 shopping centers in the United States and the United Kingdom. This includes roughly 6,400 retail outlets. Westfield manages assets exceeding $28 billion. The corporation is investing in the future of Westfield shopping centers by attempting to stay up-to-date and incorporate technology into the shopping centers instead of fighting to compete with a wave of e-commerce. One such example of the Lowy family’s forward thinking and leadership is the new “Westfield Cloud” which will be an innovative step towards a shopping experience which will be more personalized and includes various types of data to enrich the individual shopper’s encounter within Westfield shopping centers. The company has spent thousands to change the way people think about shopping and how they interact in retail stores. An excellent example of Westfield Corporation’s forward thinking appears in the newly opened Westfield World Trade Center mall. After fifteen years, the mall is back and better than ever. The focus of the mall has changed since the September 11 tragedy. The new mall at the World Trade Center has approximately 365,000 square feet of retail space. This makes it the largest shopping mall in Manhattan and Westfield wants to create a cultural and entertainment destination. Retailers are eager to be a part of this new beginning for the site of the 2001 devastation. Great attention to design and detail are immediately evident at the Westfield World Trade Center. Care and creativity created a much more upscale and diverse collection of retail shops as well as a well-appointed food court and other food and beverage offerings. Westfield Corporation is anticipating mall traffic to be heavy, as the mall’s hours have expanded beyond those created around typical commuter traffic. Lowy family representatives state that the roughly one hundred retail venues are an eclectic mix of everything a shopper could be looking for at any given moment. Embracing the relationship between e-commerce and brick and mortar retail locations is a large part of what Westfield Corporation believes will set this mall apart from others. Among the innovations, retailers offer a mobile app that allows shoppers to check inventory and request sizes for a swifter shopping experience. The creative use of technology paired with innovative details makes the Westfield World Trade Center a first class shopping venue and an emerging beacon of hope and new...

The Buena Vista Miami Florida Experience

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Buena Vista is a historic district of Miami Florida that has tourist flocking to the section of the city, because of its luxurious atmosphere. The Buena Vista area has an appeal that is attracting visitors from across the world. People especially enjoy the fact that this area of Miami is pretty close to the beach and all of the accessories that tourist enjoy are right within walking distance from their lodging. Buena Vista is strongly known for its historical relevance to the Miami, Florida area. In this area of Miami the old meets the modern and new, both blend together nicely. The area is known for having cozy neighborhoods that bring back a traditional Miami feeling filled with warm and pastel colors. Buildings often stand out and are painted with bright and neutral colors that blend together letting people know that they are truly visiting the heart of Miami culture. The Buena Vista area boasts a full line of shopping boutiques that speak the voice of a friendly relaxed location. People have been known to come to visit Miami and they often spend their whole day walking around the Buena Vista neighborhood shopping and enjoying everything that is within walking distance. Other people simply just enjoy the area and they do not venture out to discover other sections of Miami. The shopping environment reflects the luxurious sophistication that it has to offer. High end design shops are typically up close and personal charms within the Buena Vista community. Most visitors that spend their days shopping often enjoy the fact that the Buena Vista neighborhood has places that they can go to so that they can relax after enjoying a nice day of casual shopping. In fact celebrities have the reputation of going to Buena Vista to enjoy a night out on the town. Some celebrities visiting the area are particularly interested in art. Eva Mendes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Craig Robins are a few of the celebrities that have been spotted purchasing art and enjoying the art galleries in and around Buena Vista. Buena Vista has over 150 art galleries in the immediate area. The night life and entertainment scene isn’t bad at all. There are plenty of night clubs and dance halls in the area that attract visitors from across the world. Fine dining at night is also a must when visitors come to Buena Vista. The dining experience helps tourist become closer to the area and culture that the Buena Vista section of Miami has to...

A Taste of Italy in the Heart of Florida

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Finding a good meal while shopping can be one of the best deals of the day. At Bella Luna, located in Aventura Mall (a development owned by Jackie Soffer of Turnberry Associates) you’re sure to find just that! Whether you’re stopping by Bella Luna to fuel your shopping trip or to take a break, you can be sure you find your favorite classic Italian dishes on their varied menu.

Shops and Big Business Coming to Brooklyn Navy Yard

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Brookyln’s Navy Yard Expansion There are expected to be tons of stores coming to the redesigned Brooklyn Navy Yard, along with hundreds of thousands of square footage of residential real estate. In addition to a new Wegmans being built, there is set to be a 75,000 square feet designated for the Brooklyn Brewery’s newest expansion. This space is set to hold a rooftop beer garden and a pub. Along with the brewery, there is a building renovation in a 1-million square foot property known as Building 77, which will hold a massive food hall, mixed-use space, and offices. One of the first tenants to sign on in the food hall is the famous Russ & Daughters. Another expected tenant is: DC-Based 1776, which “will convene institutions, policymakers and startups to revitalize critical industries like education, energy, food, health, smart cities, transportation and financial services.” Finally another notable building expansion is the Green Manufacturing Center, a 220,000 square foot structure that will hold a new Mast Brothers factory & brewery and anchor tenants NewLab, which will serve as a coworking space for hardware manufacturers and Crye Precision, which develops body armor for the military. For more information on this and other plans in the yard, please visit the official site page for the Brooklyn Naval...

Buena Vista: Art, Culture and Hubbub not to be Missed

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It’s no secret that Miami has plenty of points of interest including well known stadiums, parks, beaches, and fun in the sun, and the neighborhood of Buena Vista is no exception and has over the years become of the hottest tourist attractions in the area. In the wake of the Florida Land Boom in the 1920s, the Buena Vista area became a place of economic prosperity in home and neighborhood architecture. Later Craig Robins, a famous millionaire from the area, helped to restore and preserve the Art Deco building design there. Along with the architecture, there are over 130 art galleries, antique shops, and restaurants like Buena Vista Bistro, named “Best Late Dining” by Miami New Times. The well-known French chef Claude Postel opened the place which boasts a range from fresh squeezed juices served with brunches and dinners. And what would Miami be without its celebrities? Well-knowns such as Madonna and Lenny Kravitz have bought fine art in Buena Vista, and the Kardashians are known to visit often and own a boutique there. John Krasinski also premiered his new film “The Hollars” in Buena Vista. For other fun things to do: Jungle Island offers plant and animal exhibits for the family and shows featuring flora and fauna from across the world. JetBoat services offer a way to see the island by boat ride. Also if you’d like to visit an arena, check out the American Airlines Arena. The over 19,000-seat capacity unit was built in the 1990s and is the home of Miami HEAT, and has also been a musical host, for U2’s Vertigo Tour in 2005 and for other artists such as Mariah Carey and Craig Robins. Finally, head over to Bayside Marketplace to have a smoothie and get a bathing suit to hit the beach later. The shopping center opened in the 1980’s and is the most famous tourist attraction in Miami, and was incidentally also featured in Miami Vice. All major shopping stores are available for the family or individual shopper. From its art, history and architecture, culture, to its sun and family fun, Buena Vista is a place not to be...

Luxury Fashion Finds It’s Home in Miami Design District

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I love visiting Miami. Miami is an amazing place. I live in a northern climate that is really cold and wet. So I often choose to go south at least once a winter. Miami is one of my favorite destinations because it has it all. The beaches are great. The shopping is fabulous and the whole area just makes me happy. One of my favorite things to do is shop the kinds of high end fashion stores you find here. I love walking along the streets of the Miami design district and walking into all the new stores there including the many boutiques in Miami. The Old District I’ve been coming to Miami for over two decades. When I was in my teens, my mom would bring us all here for a week or so every now and then for some fun in the sun. When I was a kid, I remember the entire area. Since that time, I’ve come here myself as an adult with my own kids. In the last few years, I’ve seen the region change. The old stores are gone. In their place are wonderful new stores that are much more upscale. The new district is now a much more interesting place to shop. Easy Parking I visited the design district just a few days ago. I was so pleased the last time I went there. The parking is ample, making it very easy to just get in your car and go. I went into a lot of stores just to browse and see some amazing things in person. I also went there to see if I could find a present for my eldest daughter. She’s about to graduate from college with high honors and I wanted to give her something special and wonderful that she would remember the rest of her life. Upscale Luxury Shops I went looking in many shops here for a few hours. I found lots of choices at Cartier, Bulgari and Harry Winston. In the end, I decided on a piece from Tiffany’s. My daughter loves delicate, elegant jewelry with lots of detail. The piece I choose was just right for her. Seeing things in person is such a great way to shop. I was pleased that I had the chance to slip away for a few hours and find dozens of choices right here in this wonderful luxury shopping...

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